FAANG's Dirty Laundry is Keeping Media Very Busy

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet/Google (aka "FAANG") have grown so big and so popular that their PR fires are constantly driving news cycles. Facebook will be under constant scrutiny in the run up to the presidential election (see: Facebook closes political ads loophole ahead of U.S. presidential election). Amazon is showing cracks in its ability to meet retail demand and shipping logistics in the midst of the pandemic (see: Will We Forgive Amazon When This is Over?). Apple is losing appeals and racking up fines related to a series of iPhones "deliberately slowed down by Apple" (see: Apple Must Pay for Silently Slowing Down iPhones, Italian Court Says). The Fed antitrust case against Google is sure to draw a ton of media coverage (see: U.S. is Said to Plan to File Antitrust Charges Against Google). FAANG is a newsjacker's paradise with this ongoing carousel of complaints against the world's most written about companies. If you're building story ideas against controversies and trends related to these companies, searches in TechNews will let you interact with the full set of the thousands of authors covering each of them.