How TechNews Supports this Billion Dollar Datacenter Provider’s AR/PR Planning

Steve Friedberg was one of TechNews’ first users, back when he was the President of his PR consultancy, MMI Communications, and when TechNews was still known as “IT Database.”

“TechNews really set itself apart in how easy it made it to identify key targets for clients across a wide range of industries,” says Friedberg.

Today, after nearly 20 years of running his own consultancy, he’s on a new adventure, running analyst relations and competitive intelligence for Dallas-based Evoque Data Center Solutions, one of the world’s 20 largest companies of its kind.

Evoque is in the red-hot datacenter solution provider space. “In the old days. companies would go to datacenter providers for cages, space and power,” he says. “Today that’s table stakes, and companies are demanding far more. It’s all about connectivity, whether it’s across town, across the country or even around the world via the cloud.” Evoque, Friedberg notes, is making these capabilities available to its clients, helping them develop and implement hybrid IT strategies that enable them to stay connected to their corporate-critical data, applications and workloads every hour of every day.

As he’s moved from being an outside consultant to an inside corporate director, Friedberg still uses TechNews regularly.

“TechNews allows me to quickly drill down on who’s writing about a particular topic and over what time period,” said Friedberg. “For example, if I’m trying to see which reporters and industry analysts are focused on a topic like interconnection or co-location, I want to be able to easily see who is covering these topics on an ongoing basis versus just a single time. With limited bandwidth, I need to know who I really need to focus on. I need to know which publications and analysts will best serve my requirements. TechNews helps me do that quickly.”

Friedberg is also a big fan of TechNews’ new email alerts.

“The daily email I get is absolutely fantastic,” said Friedberg. “It gives me an idea of who’s writing what, and a first glance every day.” He said it also helps him compile a weekly newsletter to co-workers, keeping them informed on the latest trends in the industry.

When Friedberg’s not using TechNews and getting the next great story written about Evoque, he’s a globally-recognized magician who's headlined three times at Hollywood's Magic Castle. “TechNews provides me with a solid advantage in my work, helping me rapidly identify the reporters and analysts I need to know to drive Evoque’s positive marketplace perception,” he says. “It’s not magic.”