TechNews: a lightning-fast multi-layer intelligence tool for PR people

“TechNews is a lightning-fast multi-layer intelligence tool for PR people. I use it when I want to know which press are covering a particular topic and how frequently they write about that topic, which makes it easy to determine their level of influence. I simply search on a keyword or phrase, and TechNews produces a list of authors and articles, indexed by frequency and date. For example, when I search on ‘machine learning,’ I can see that the most influential editor published 220 stories on that topic. With a mouse click, I can read any one of those articles, and I can view the editor’s email address and LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. I can also click on his name to read other articles he’s written on other subjects. Whether I’m researching the best people to pitch or I’m preparing media briefing information for company executives, I’ve found TechNews an invaluable intelligence tool that far surpasses anything else on the market. I highly recommend it for PR consultants, corporate communications professionals, and marketing strategists who need rapid insights on who’s writing about what.”

-- Maria Vetrano, Senior-level public relations professional with 25+ years of experience in PR and marketing